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Software Update For The Humanity

Ascend is a collective series of stories, shared experiences, and actionable wisdom dedicated to elevating the state of human consciousness. The environment of adversity in today’s society has created a catalyst for the Collective Transition. The goal of the Ascend community is to promote the individual transformation⸺your transformation; and the collective transformation of humanity in the face of this adversity. We all have an individual journey to travel and story to tell, but as humans, we must support each other as we rise to self-mastery. We Ascend together.

Collective Transition

The unsustainable systems and institutions that were once prevalent in our society are being deconstructed. As new ones emerge, there is a shift taking place in which our fundamental social and societal norms are rapidly changing. This Collective Transition away from the "old ways" that no longer serve us, is a process that will move humanity into a higher state of consciousness. With this shift, human interactions that have become largely transactional and competitive in nature will be replaced by more meaningful, collaborative, and true relationships.

Together, we can return to a sustainable way of life and reconnect to our humanity. But, we must start this transition on an individual level; connect the being back to the human.

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David Kumaran

Alchemist | Entrepreneur | Yogi
"Ascend is the journey of connecting the being back into the human." -DK

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