We invest in entrepreneurs and creatives.

Ascend Capital is a family office focused on supporting startups creating meaningful change by focusing on sustainability, inclusion, and transparency.

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Our Focus

Our Focus

We are passionate about crypto, renewables, and community-focused projects.

We are active entrepreneurs turned investors focused on Web3 and Climate projects. We have a highly hands-on approach to guide founders and their companies. We get involved early and make seed investments between $25K - $50K. We care deeply about our founders and their journey. We provide our founders with high-performance coaching rooted in awareness training to ensure founder sustainability. Our focus is working alongside underrepresented founders and offer them a vantage point.

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Carbon Dioxide
416 parts per million

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Global Temperature
2.1 °F since 1880

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Arctic Ice Minimum
13.1 percent per decase

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Ice Sheets
428 billion metric tons per year

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Sea Level
3.4 millimeteres per year

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Ocean Heat Added
326 zettajoules since 1955

Our Team

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David Kumaran

General Partner

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Kasey Kumaran-Stark

Managing Partner

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Abdul Baytops


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