The Journey Of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Software Update For The Humanity

Ascend is a series focused on elevating the state of human consciousness. We believe the adversity in today's environment is the catalyst for the Collective transition. We created a space where conversations and actionable wisdom guide the individual transformation. It's a journey we are taking together and we are here to support each other. join the movement to accelerate the journey to self-mastery Ascend.

Collective Transition

The systems and institutions that were once prevalent in our society are being deconstructed. As new ones emerge, there is a fundamental shift taking place. This Collective Transition is a process that will move humanity into a higher state of consciousness.

Human relationships which are currently based on transactions and competition will be replaced by meaningful connections and collaboration. Together, we will return back to a sustainable way of life and reconnect to our humanity. And this shift starts at the individual level, then within our families, and then communities. This transition will connect the being back to the human.

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David Kumaran

Alchemist | Entrepreneur | Yogi
"Ascend is the journey of connecting the being back into the human." -DK

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